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Outdoor signs

Directional and Way Finding

Directional & Way finding- For large companies, Directional and Wayfinding signs are used to direct traffic flow, guiding customers and vendors to the proper locations. Using a wide variety of shapes & sizes, our graphics specialists can help you accomplish this in a unified & professional manner. Keeping your signs consistent and branded leaves a positive and lasting impression.

A-Frame Side Walk Signs

Easy to change & update your message as needed, metal A-Frame with coroplast interchangeable inserts are a great way to promote your sale or special event. Choose from a wide variety of sizes. Add full-color vibrant graphics along with your custom logo and colors, for the perfect portable advertisement.

Shaped Signs

Carved, routed or sand-blasted, these types of signs have a classic elegance. Often seen in quaint little tourist towns, these signs will dress up any storefront. New wood-like products that look like wood but are actually a high density urethane, allow you to have the traditional wood look without the maintenance. HDU will not rot, peel and crack like wood, but can be routed, carved or sand blasted just like wood.

Lawn Signs

Commonly used by banks, construction companies, real estate agencies, political candidates and more. Lawn signs, sometimes called site signs are a cost effective way to get your message across in a big way. Let us design your signs with full color graphics and even photographs for the best looking sign in the neighborhood!

Illuminated Signs

Direct traffic to your business with Illuminated Signs. These signs are the workhorses of the sign industry for retail locations. Day or night, illuminated signs are easy to see, broadcasting your location 24/7. From budget light boxes to sophisticated electronic digital signage with changeable message displays, we can help find a solution that works for your location and budget.

Real Estate Sign

Choose from a wide variety of signs and frames designed to promote the real estate industry or any industry! With our state of the art digital printer, we are able to design vibrant, full color signs that will grab attention and bring in sales for your business. We can create signs for your needs. We work with you to create a unified, professional look for all of your signs.

Traffic and Warning/Parking Signs

These signs are used to direct traffic flow, guiding customers and vendors to the proper locations. Using a wide variety of shapes & sizes, our graphics specialists can help you accomplish this in a unified & professional manner.


Awnings, sometimes referred to as canopies, are a great way to gain exposure for your business. Commercial Awnings provide a professional appearance while simultaneously promoting your business. If you have an existing awning for your business, Sunsport Signs can also recover or repair your awning and make it look new.Awnings are used by various types of businesses. You will see large chain stores, banks, and other franchise companies who incorporate commercial awnings as part of their branding in addition to local businesses. a more vintage look to a store front. Typically a commercial awning project can be completed in 3 – 4 weeks. In most areas if you want Sunsport to install an awning, you will need a permit prior to installation we will do the application.Awnings are made with two basic materials, vinyl or canvas. Typically vinyl awnings are chosen for lighted awnings, they are easier to clean and when lit allow more of the light to shine through. Awnings come in many shapes and sizes, we will come out to your location and provide you with input on what style of awning will look best for your needs.

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